Lightware joins the Esports Trade Association 

Lightware Visual Engineering becomes a member of the Esports Trade Association to enable innovation and drive market growth.

Lightware Visual Engineering has joined the Esports Trade Association (ESTA)

As these global markets continually mature into mainstream forms of entertainment, most reports forecast total industry revenues of more than $1bn over the next several years. The rising profile of these events, larger audiences and increased advertiser interest has heightened the need for enhanced gaming experiences, with vivid resolution, minimal latency and stable connectivity.

Gaming tournaments now rival “traditional” sports events in terms of scale and popularity, but they also present their own unique audio/video technology challenges. Lightware’s full line of AV-over-IP systems, matrix switchers and extenders are considered a perfect fit for supporting high-profile esports applications, offering pixel-perfect, real-time delivery of video signals with resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4, combined with intuitive configuration tools and redundancy features.

“Esports operations require uncompromising, high-resolution video signal transmissions with ultra-low latency, seamless operation and high levels of reliability,” said Lightware President, Jason Tirado. “These features are crucial for legitimising online esports competitions and enhancing the experience for players and fans and these are also Lightware’s areas of expertise.” 

The Esports Trade Association is a driving force behind the global growth of esports, bringing together technology manufacturers, IT specialist and e-athletes to help them develop, organise and promote esports projects.

“ESTA is thrilled to have Lightware join our community as both a Corporate Member and as an EsportsNext conference sponsor as they fulfill a definite need for the esports industry,” said ESTA Founder and Managing Director, Megan Van Petten.

Lightware’s UBEX 10G is a fibre-optical, scaling AV-over-IP system which allows uncompressed 4K UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 signal extension with latency-free multi-streaming on 10G Ethernet network with dual 10G links. The UBEX system replaces three devices by functioning as a receiver, a transmitter and a transceiver in one box.