LED CHINA 2020: What Can Our Virtual Exhibition Do for Buyers?

From 1–3 September 2020, both in-person and virtual version of LED CHINA 2020 will be held as planned, presenting the latest trends in LED displays and its vertical application markets.

LED CHINA 2020 has launched a B2B online webcast platform – LED CHINA I Live – to complement its in-person event in September. The event will present rich content and powerful functions, such platform offers a brand-new experience and ongoing opportunity to source, learn and interactive, without considering time and economic cost of visiting an exhibition in person.

LED CHINA I Live will be presented as the virtual version of LED CHINA 2020 from 1-3 September, concurrently open with the physical exhibition. All exhibitors will host their own webcast on LED CHINA I Live, to introduce new products, provide special offers, as well as share the trends which include pixel-pitch/micro LED, new vision of 5G internet and 8K video display.

  • With over 1,200 brands involved, this platform will be a huge B2B searching engine.
  • Talk to your targeted suppliers by extending an invitation for video call, or just text them.
  • For those with particular needs, you may post your sourcing demand on the platform, and let the qualified exhibitors come to your door with the right product catalogue.

LED CHINA I Live will cover the following sectors: entertainment; staging; broadcasting; hospitality; stadiums and venues; conferencing; brand marketing and advertising; experiential design; command and control rooms; retail environments and DOOH networks; conference and multimedia, as well as pro AV and installation markets.

Both the in-person and virtual events will open to all professionals without any charges this year, visit www.ledchina.com/en/led-china-live/ for more information.

To enable visitors to have a more efficient trip on the online webcast platform, the event will provides materials such as virtual showroom, online exhibitor list, exhibitor’s showroom timetable on its website in advance, visitors can do some research before they attend and manage their time better.