L-Acoustics Rolls Louder in Miami

3G Productions also flew a full L-Acoustics K2 system for Rolling Loud’s Audiomack Stage (photo credit: Justin James Agoncillo / @justnjames_)

Roll Louder Festival 2018 tasked L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems with providing the sound for the festival.

3G Productions’ Miami office was once again tasked with providing sound reinforcement for the festival’s 2 largest performance areas, the High Hemp Stage and Audiomack Stage, both spanning a massive 160 feet wide. Each stage featured 20 L-Acoustics K2 enclosures and 8 L-Acoustics KS28 subs flown per side, plus a dozen L-Acoustics ARCS Wide front-fill enclosures and 8 additional L-Acoustics K2 per side for out fill.

3G Vice President Andre Serafini notes that 3G was specifically requested to provide an L-Acoustics solution from the start.

“The promoter/production team was familiar with L Acoustics and naturally requested it as their top choice,” he said. “K2 is a very flexible system that really shines on its usability from mid- to large-scale events like this. Its weight-to-output ratio, rigging ease, and rider acceptance are ideal, and we achieved solid output and consistently even coverage that was very consistent with our Soundvision predictions,” adding that 3G’s Neil Rosenstock handled the design, with James Brightenfield and Eric De Moya serving as the system engineers.

The beefy low-end that is absolutely elemental to both hip-hop and rap was further bolstered by double-stacked linear subarrays of 40 L-Acoustics SB28 per stage.

“We flew the KS28 subs in an end-fire deployment to assist in Rolling Loud’s large and very long coverage area,” said Serafini. “Throw was very important and the KS28, anchored by the SB28 subs, certainly did not disappoint.”

Delay for the High Hemp Stage was delivered by two hangs of 8 L-Acoustics K2 plus 2 hangs of eight Kara further out, while 2 clusters of a dozen L-Acoustics Kara each provided the delay for the Audiomack Stage. L-Acoustics LA12X Amplified Controllers powered the main PA and flown subs at both sites, with L-Acoustics LA8 driving the rest of the systems.

“We received many compliments on the sound this year and are looking forward to a continually growing relationship with our friends and artists involved in Rolling Loud,” Serafini added. “We also truly appreciate the support we receive from L-Acoustics. Strong relations with the best manufacturers always lead to success. Everyone wins, especially the audience.”

“Hip-hop is about defined low-frequency tonality and intelligibility of the lyrics, and both are absolutely paramount to the genre,” added L-Acoustics Touring Outreach Manager David Brooks.

“The 3G Productions team did a phenomenal job of designing and deploying our systems for this year’s Rolling Loud festival. They not only covered the huge festival grounds sonically but did so in a way that the crowd could clearly hear the artist vocal and feel the LF impact of the music. It was a pleasure to help support them.”