L-Acoustics reveals the brand-new L-Series

The PA manufacturer descends on Hollywood Bowl to introduce the new L Series.

At a private event held at the Hollywood Bowl, L-Acoustics revealed the new L Series, featuring its patented Progressive Ultra-Dense Line Source (PULS) technology. Despite being a new system to the market, the L Series has already featured at several events including the BRIT Awards with Britannia Row/Clair Global as well as Helene Fischer’s latest production with Solotech in recent months. 

L Series comprises two elements that are designed to work together or on their own: L2 above and L2D below. One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a format that is 46% smaller and 40% lighter. 

“Our primary goal for L Series is to achieve the pinnacle of quality that line array can offer,” Scott Sudgen, Director of Product Management at L-Acoustics, informed TPi a few weeks after the official launch. “The size and weight improvements are a direct consequence of eliminating the extra material – wood, and metal primarily – from the enclosure, but our goals were all squarely in optimisation of the Active Radiation Factor, having all the sound sources as close to each other within the enclosure, and within the array.”

Each element contains eight three-inch high-frequency drivers with eight ten-inch low-frequency drivers and four side-loaded 12-inch drivers with front and back exits to deliver broadband coverage with a choice of cardioid or supercardioid patterns. Each L2 element includes four Panflex modules, while L2D contains two Panflex modules on the top elements, and two fixed L-Fins progressing from 110° to 140° on the bottom elements. 

L-Acoustics launches L Series

With no inter-element angles, a pin-less auto-lock rigging system, and a single cable connector, repetitive load in and out- is diminished. L Series is just as impactful on the environment with 56% less paint; 30% less wood; 60% less steel; 30% less volume and 25% less weight compared to other line arrays. “Smaller and lighter elements take less crew to move around the venue, fewer forklifts to load into the truck, and smaller motors and truss to fly. Venues or events with 1,000 to 25,000 people can benefit from the L Series increased stability, consistency, directivity control and of course being lighter, faster and smaller in size is always a win.”  

L Series is driven by the LA7.16 high-resolution touring amplified controller. LA7.16 comes in a new LA-RAK III touring rack offering 48 channels of amplification in a Milan AVB-ready package with more than 60,000W of power in 9U. L-Acoustics has also introduced Clamp1000, which can carry up to four L2/L2D. Users can rotate a flown line array from the ground, saving setup time and motors needed.

Between April and October, PRG and Solotech in the Americas, Britannia Row/Clair Global and Novelty Group in EMEA, and Tokyo Sanko and Winly in APAC will deploy the L Series. L2 and L2D recently featured at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach Festival with support from RAT Sound and AEG Presents. “We’ve already heard from the crews that have deployed L Series that they appreciate the speed of load in- and out as well as the radically diminished margin for error with the fixed, progressive curve of L Series,” Sudgen concluded.

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.