Konsbud Audio Conquer Challenges at CKK Jordanki, Toruń

Courtesy of Konsbud Audio

Konsbud Audio of Warsaw was the distributor and executor of all the electro-acoustics systems that were installed in the Jordanki Cultural & Congress Centre (CKK) in Poland provides a multipurpose cultural hub for the city and its surrounds. Along with the installation of FoH control, digital audio network, audio playback, multichannel audio recording systems, comms systems, AV systems and the 75km of cabling required to service this infrastructure, Konsbud Audio also installed sound reinforcement systems in both the Concert Hall and the Chamber Hall using d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers.

Piotr Jankiewicz, Director of the Design and Integration Department at Konsbud Audio was the Project Director. “This project has without doubt been a huge challenge for us; this is the largest installation contract Konsbud Audio has undertaken to date. Part of the challenge was due to the highly original design of the building; the shape and purpose of the building required a very sympathetic approach to the installation. The performance spaces are designed without parallel walls and certainly during the design stage, it was often difficult to visualise the final appearance of the rooms or the shape of the walls. In a venue such as this it was crucial to have a very versatile system hence our choice of d&b loudspeakers that are known for their ability to deliver both in terms of frequency response and sound pressure level.”

In the Concert Hall, Konsbud Audio chose a V-Series system rigged as a L / R line array and comprising a combination of V8 and V12 cabinets. V-SUB and J-INFRA were used to provide low frequency support and T10s were utilised as front fill and coverage at a side balcony. The constant directivity control over a very wide frequency range, for which the V-Series is renowned, was especially useful in this asymmetrical room. The Concert Hall plays host to a myriad of different performance genres and touring artists, so faith and trust in the brand played an important part in opting for the d&b label – as did the flexibility of the system in both of the centre’s major venues.

It was the T-Series that was chosen for The Chamber Hall. Jankiewicz again: “Because these loudspeakers can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source loudspeaker they were the ideal choice in this room. Due to their extraordinary specifications and flexibility in application these devices can be used not only as front of house sound reinforcement loudspeakers, but also in any other occasions where there is a need to provide sound reinforcement in other parts of the stage or even in other rooms. We had no doubts considering them the perfect choice.”

All the loudspeakers are driven by D80 amplifiers, including the MAX and M6 stage monitors, as Jankiewicz explained, “The advantages are obvious. It’s hard to imagine why anyone should use other amplifiers and turn away from all the functionalities and quality guaranteed by d&b audiotechnik. The systems installed in the CKK are designed to be portable. Using a single type of amplifier for all of the loudspeakers eliminates compatibility issues and makes it extremely easy and quick to adapt a system’s configuration to the needs of a specific event.”

Jankiewicz concluded, “I’m proud of the state of the art technical solutions we have implemented here; the audio system is very flexible and sounds just amazing.” His words are endorsed by FOH Sound Engineer Bartosz Kurkowski who hails from Toruń. “I’ve waited a long, long time for a venue like this in my hometown.”