KMC Music To Serve As A United States Sub-Distributor Of Focusrite And Novation Lines

Underscoring its shared commitment to meet the rapidly expanding needs of the 21st century MI retail marketplace, Focusrite Novation Inc. and KMC Music they will become a United States distributor of both the Focusrite and Novation digital audio production and recording lines.

The announcement was made during this years NAMM show 2016 by Focusrite Novation Inc’s President, Phil Wagner and KMC Music President Mark Terry.

In announcing its expanded distribution strategy, Phil Wagner noted, “We are very happy to have KMC Music represent Focusrite and Novation products to their customer base of more than 6,500 retailers. We believe KMC Music have the reach into the market that our products deserve.

“It’s tremendously convenient that our distributor, American Music & Sound, and KMC Music are both owned by Canada’s JAM Industries. KMC Music’s customers will enjoy the same benefits that AM&S customers have experienced.”

For KMC Music, the appointment marks the start of the next great chapter in the company’s quest to meet all of the instrumental and technology needs of today’s MI retailer. “Having added 18 new lines to our product portfolio in 2015, including major guitar, amplifier, and percussion brands, KMC Music is taking the next giant step forward in its commitment to meet the needs of today’s 21st century MI retailer,” Terry said.

“Today’s MI retailer has to be able to provide the instruments, accessories, and the digital audio production and editing technology that their customers want to buy. KMC Music will now be able to provide them with the very best in digital technology with the Focusrite and Novation product lines. Now, more than ever, KMC Music’s offerings mirror the reality of the 21st century MI retail marketplace.”

Terry also reaffirmed the importance of the larger corporate relationship between JAM Industries, KMC Music’s parent company, and Focusrite Novation. “This appointment strengthens a very successful existing JAM Industries corporate relationship with Focusrite while making it possible for thousands of new MI dealers to have immediate access to the Focusrite and Novation brands through KMC Music.”

Focusrite Novation, Inc is the United States division of The Focusrite Group, a global music and audio products group that supply the hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians, which enables the high quality production of music. The Focusrite Group has two established and rapidly growing brands — Focusrite and Novation.

The Focusrite brand makes audio interfaces and other products for audio recording musicians. The Novation brand allows its customers to make electronic music using synthesisers, MIDI controllers and computer-enabled technology. Each brand has over 20 years of quality sound heritage and are well established as leaders in the music making industry.