KM Productions Electrifies Gareth Emery’s Tour With Chauvet

Photo Credit: Ryan Krukowski

Gareth Emery the multi-talented English house DJ/ producer has taken his radio show on the road with a sold-out Electric For Life tour. The EFL tour was in place to be on New Year’s Eve: New York City. Emery performed at the red-hot waterfront party and concert spot Brooklyn Hanger as part of RPM Present’s Big Week NYC. Lighting up the concert and flowing with Emery was a massive, colourful and fast-moving light show created by Kevin Mignone of KM Productions that relied on a rig dominated by Chauvet Professional fixtures.

“There was a wide variety of Chauvet fixtures throughout the venue, which is very spacious,” said Mignone. “We used the fixtures to create not just a sense of excitement, but a sense of intimacy too, using them to connect the audience to Gareth.”

An example of how Mignone had his fixtures fill this dual role can be seen in the way he deployed the NEXT NXT-1 moving RGBW panels in his rig. The LD had 12 of the NXT-1 fixtures positioned on paired downstage drop downs that were lowered 8’-10’, as well as on two room trusses in the 13,000 sq. ft. venue.

“We wanted to shrink the space between the audience and the NEXT NXT-1s so we could get more engagement with the crowd,” said Mignone, who ran his rig via DMX. “The NXT-1 gives you some very rich colours, so they’re really nice when you cover the crowd with them. We also used them to create some striking visuals, because they have a tight beam angle and they’re very fast. When you place this kind of eye candy so close to the crowd, you really sweep people up into the show.”

Mignone called on 16 Chauvet Professional Legend 330SR Spot fixtures to pump up the visual excitement at the show with aerial effects and audience sweeps. He arranged the Legend units four per truss on room trusses and four on the downstage truss structure. He also relied on COLORdash Par-Quad 18 RGBA LED fixtures for truss warming. Drawing on the expansive palette of these fixtures, he dressed up the truss structures located throughout the venue in an array of vivid colours.

“Every facet of the venue became part of our design,” said Mignone, when discussing the truss lighting. “Our goal was to create a total immersive experience for this concert.”