Kam Releases KWMQ4E Quartet Eco System

Kam launches the ‘Quartet Eco’ multi-channel UHF wireless microphone system.

The new Kam Quartet Eco is a complete, easy to operate, professional multi-channel UHF wireless microphone system, delivering impressive performance, with reassuring quality and reliability.

Four colour-coded cardioid hand-held microphones are included in the KWMQ4E – Kam Quartet Eco package. Powered by two x1.5V AA batteries, these stylish microphones, with an uninterrupted working distance of up to 60m, transmit high quality audio signals to the Quartet Eco UHF Quad multi-channel receiver, operating between 863.30 / 864.30 / 863.80 / 864.80MHx frequencies.

As with all Kam wireless systems, compact is again the theme, with the road-ready, lightweight metal-cased mains driven (PSU supplied) UHF Quad receiver featuring enhanced muting, individual volume controls for all 4 microphones, RF/AF LED signal indicators and 4 balanced and unbalanced audio outputs. This sleek looking UHF receiver also includes a pair of adjustable, omnidirectional antennas that are also removable for storage and transportation.

Kam have earned a name within the music industry with Djs, bands, solo artists, sound technicians and public speakers for producing professional, multi-purpose wireless microphone systems.

Tailored for live performance environments where a wireless option is essential, the new the KWMQ4E – Kam Quartet Eco wireless microphone system, is highly recommended for its excellent clarity, response, impressive low-noise and total harmonic distortion specifications.