Joyned strives to simplify audio networking

Company CMO and Co-Founder Richi Rozas speaks to TPi about the vital services Joyned can provide within the complex world of audio networking.

One of the overarching changes we’ve seen in the live events industry in recent years has been the growing complexity of audio networking. There’s no doubt about the added value it can bring for proAV devices, with open standard providing a sustainable and reliable domain for audio networks. However, the implementation process can create numerous issues for manufacturers. This is where Joyned steps in. 

“We help manufacturers of professional audio systems to implement open-standard network technology into their products,” explained Richi Rozas, CMO and Co-Founder of the Austrian software start-up. “Our product is a software development kit that allows for easy integration of audio network technologies like the Milan protocol into ProAV products. This results in a quick time-to-market implementation. The software and hardware components have been carefully selected to provide good performance while keeping the cost in a competitive range.” 

Words: Stew Hume

Photo: Nicolas Pasqualini