Introducing The Modular ‘Mini’ Array System From AVANTE Audio

AVANTE Audio is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio of professional audio products with the launch of the new Imperio Series. A ‘mini’ line array system, Imperio is ideal for installation in small-to-mid-size venues as well as for production companies looking for a flexible active speaker system that can be deployed in various configurations to suit a wide variety of different applications.

The Imperio system consists of three active speaker cabinets alongside a range of accessories and a variety of hardware that allows for both flying and ground-stacking. The Imperio is a versatile array module loaded with a pair of small woofers alongside six high-frequency drivers, the Imperio Sub is a powerful sub-bass enclosure featuring a single woofer and a built-in crossover and the Imperio SUB210 is a dual woofer model that can be deployed either vertically or horizontally. All three feature internal Class D amplification and can be used together in multiple combinations to build systems suitable for a wide range of different purposes.

“Following the success of AVANTE’s debut active speaker cabinet range, the Achromic Series, which never fails to impress when I demo it to customers, I’m very excited that we are expanding the range with the introduction of the new Imperio Series,” stated Chuck Green, Director of Sales for AVANTE Audio. “From the outset, the vision behind AVANTE has been to lead the industry with innovative and professional audio solutions at an affordable price and that is undoubtedly what we have delivered with this new system. Offering a unique ‘mini array’ solution, which can be deployed in a multitude of different configurations, the Imperio Series is ideal for venues which are not large enough for a traditional array system. It is also perfect for production companies who want to invest in a system that is truly flexible. The same cabinets can be arranged in a small ground-stacked setup for a conference one day, and then combined with additional units for a large flown J-hang at a concert the next.”

Imperio Designed to offer the ultimate combination of audio clarity, portability and flexibility, the Imperio features two 4.75” Neodymium woofers each with a 1-inch voice coil. These are paired with an array of six 1.75” IDVAT (Inverted Dome Vertical Array Technology) HF drivers to deliver a wide frequency response of 150Hz – 20KHz and an impressive maximum output SPL of 117dB (single box measured on Axis @ 1m). The unit’s internal Class D 2-way amplifier is rated at 240W (RMS) and features 24-bit DSP with a number of easily selectable configuration settings. There is also an Input Sensitivity Dial as well as LED indicators for Power and Signal/Clip. Both XLR audio and powerCON power input and output sockets are provided, allowing for easy connection between multiple units within an array setup.

Boasting a robust ABS plastic construction, finished with a heavy duty 1.0mm steel grille, the Imperio has a sleek and distinctive design. Despite packing a serious audio punch and being built for a life on the road, the cabinet is compact – 7.3″ x 8.8″ x 12.8″ / 184.8 x 224 x 324mm – and extremely lightweight – 14 lbs. / 6.3 kg. With a narrow dispersion angle of 90-degrees x 15-degrees, the cabinet is designed to be deployed in a vertical array configuration.

It is fitted with in-built rigging hardware that allows up to eight units to be linked together with selectable splay angles of 0, 4, 8 or 12-degrees between cabinets. Using the optional flying kits the subunits can then be mounted either above or below the hang, while a pole mount kit is also available for ground-stacked setups. Imperio Sub The matching Imperio Sub has been rigorously designed and tested to perfectly match the Imperio, providing enhanced low-frequency reproduction.

It features a 10” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil and a 6th Order Bandpass design, allowing for a punchy maximum SPL of 123dB. A powerful Class D amplifier delivers 400 watts RMS (800 watts peak) to the driver and the internal crossover can be set to 90Hz or 120Hz. The unit is also phasing switchable (0/180) and features a volume control dial as well as status LEDs for Power and Signal/Clip. As with the Imperio model, the sub features XLR and powerCON inputs and outputs to allow daisy-chaining of signal and power connection for quick and easy setup. Housed in a solid plywood cabinet with a sleek black finish, the Imperio Sub’s speaker cone is protected by a thick 1.2mm steel grille. It is fitted with convenient handles on either side as well as an M20 screw pole mount socket. With relatively small dimensions of 13.8” x 18.3” x 20.7” / 300mm x 465mm x 526mm (L x D x H) and a manageable weight of 49.6 lbs. / 22.5kgs., it is equally suited to temporary event production as it is to permanent venue installation.

Imperio SUB210 For larger venues or applications that require increased bass, the Imperio SUB 210 offers a dual 10” woofer configuration each with a 2.5” voice coil. Powered by a Class D digital amplifier delivering 700 watts RMS (1400 watts peak), this model also features a 6th Order Bandpass design and offers an increased maximum SPL of 124dB. As with the other sub-model, the Imperio SUB210 features an internal crossover that can be switched to 90Hz or 120Hz and is also phase switchable (0/180). It is fitted with XLR and powerCON inputs and outputs together with a volume control dial and status LEDs for Power and Signal/Clip. Featuring a flexible design that allows it to be used vertically or horizontally, the robust plywood cabinet is fitted with two M20 Screw Pole Mounts.

In addition to the standard black finish, all of the Imperio Series speaker cabinets and rigging accessories are also available in white. Ideal for houses of worship and any other venue with a white or light colour scheme, the white Imperio models feature both white cabinets and white grilles for a distinctively different look. Offering a unique combination of excellent audio quality and flexibility, the Imperio Series sits between full-size array systems and the traditional point-source cabinets used for installation in small-to-mid-size venues.