Introducing: Music First Partnership

London-based Travel Management company, Business First Partnership, launches a new music and entertainment sister company.

Pictured above: Dan Horton, Head of Operations at Music First Partnership.

Established travel management company, Business First Partnership (BFP) and entertainment travel specialist, Dan Horton (previously of TAG) have partnered to launch Music First Partnership (MFP) – a new service and technology-driven travel management company specifically for global music and entertainment tours. 

“The travel side of the music industry is going through a big period of change,” Horton explained. “A lot of staff left the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, which other travel companies have struggled to replace, while at the same time seeking other revenue streams to recoup for losses. 

“This has left a gap in the market for the likes of MFP to come in and offer something different to clients or perhaps just bring back service levels that clients are used to but haven’t been getting.” Nigel Taylor, CEO of Business First Partnership, recognises that the live entertainment industry requires a company committed to significant investment in staff resources and technology, to adapt to the changing demands of each client. 

“We have already invested in developing MFP’s own smart software designed around the travel manager and road manager,” he revealed. “Interactive dashboards will display complex itineraries, cost against budget and key ground information on the tour destinations. This investment in technology is so important. It’s not an industry that can afford to be using antiquated systems, it’s a fast-paced demanding environment and MFP’s job will be to wholly support that.”   

Of course, technology cannot replace people. Horton’s 15 years of experience in touring travel management and the demands that go with it will be supported by a dedicated service team. 

“We want to grow organically and ensure that we can properly resource our clients,” he said. “Service is key and this is what drives us. We don’t want to over promise and under deliver. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of the crew and not just their travel agent,” he commented, going on to sum up the response from the sector at large.

“To reconnect with the industry again and receive well wishes from competitors has been, at times, overwhelming and it demonstrates that there is plenty of business out there for all of us.”

Words: Jacob Waite

Photo: Music First Partnership