Matteo Cifelli and Nicola Romanini harness their decades of experience on the road to provide a unique level of service and Italian hospitality to visiting production teams at one of London’s newest trailblazing rehearsal and recording studios.

Matteo Cifelli began his career in audio as a studio engineer in 1987, but since moving to the UK 15 years ago, has found more opportunities and prosperity mixing live sound. After many years visiting and being underwhelmed with rehearsal spaces, he decided to band together with video specialist and projectionist, Nicola Romanini to create a space in the heart of London, which both veteran Italian-born engineers would not only be happy to visit but to service visiting production teams and artists.

“For me, a studio should be somewhere that breathes and inspires creativity,” Cifelli began. “I’ve never been happy about rehearsal spaces I’ve visited as a touring sound engineer. It has been a dream of mine to create a nice, friendly space for artists and visiting production teams.”

Words: Jacob Waite