Imogen Heap Demonstrates the d&b Soundscape to a Capacity Prolight + Sound Audience

Grammy Award-winning artist and engineer Imogen Heap wowed a capacity Prolight + Sound crowd with a live demonstration of how she uses her Mi. Mu gloves to create sounds and control the d&b Soundscape, the d&b immersive sound system.

“The combination of these two exceptional tools quite literally puts live production control at my fingertips – and the results are magic, as if there was no tech at all, just sound and space,“ says Heap.

Heap has been touring with the d&b Soundscape on her Mycelia European tour and will again take it on tour in North America this year. In the session, part of a series of well-attended User Experience events hosted in the d&b demo room, Heap spoke about her experience using the d&b Soundscape on tour and how the immersive experience that it created for the artist and the audiences have changed the live performance sound experience forever.

“It’s like going to see technicolour for the first time after only seeing black and white” Heap stated.

Heap continues to blur the boundaries between pure art form and creative entrepreneurship. In addition to her 20+ year music career, she strives to humanise the technology surrounding music performance and business operations.

Other special guests at the d&b demo room included renowned theatre designer Sebastian Frost and Serge Gräfe, Sound Engineer and Designer for electro pioneers Kraftwerk. Each guest offered unique insights into their experiences with the d&b Soundscape.