Huge Success For BMFL In The French Market

Photo of Johnny Halliday show by Louise Stickland

Over 300 Robe BMFL fixtures were sold to the French market in early 2016 since the formation of Robe’s new French subsidiary, Robe Lighting France SAS.

The BMFL was launched in autumn 2014, by which time French lighting professionals were ready to specify and keen to use the high-powered multi-purpose luminaire, and as soon as the new company was established, the business could ‘hit-the-ground-running’.

“BMFL sales far exceeded our initial annual expectations and we steamed past those first targets in just six months,” commented a delighted Bruno Garros, CEO of Robe Lighting France, who added that – given that the new company was formed just a few months after the launch of Robe’s flagship moving light. “We didn’t expect to catch up with some of the other European countries quite so fast!”

The ball started rolling in May 2015 with a purchase of 46 BMFL Spot luminaires by top French rental specialist, Dushow. This sent out a serious message to the rest of the rental and staging market.

In June, during the opening party for the Robe Lighting France’s new HQ in Villepinte, Paris, the new BMFL Blade, complete with a set of precision framing shutters, was demonstrated alongside its ‘sister’ fixture, the BMFL Spot, to the many influential people attending the event.

With the newest BMFL Wash fixture recently launched and presented to the French market for the first time at the JTSE (Performance and Entertainment Technical Show and Convention) in Paris in November, the French team has continued the great success of this product.

At the trade show they confirmed more BMFL sales, with 10 Spot versions for ArtLight, 12 BMFL Spots for JB Lighting, 22 BMFL Washes to Dushow to boost and compliment their existing stock and 66 BMFL Blades to Phase 4.

Mikael Maurin, Director of Phase 4 commented, “We kept hearing more and more talk generally about the BMFL and we started seeing it appear on riders and specifications.”

They then decided to make extensive tests at their premises in Torcy, France, to which they invited lighting designers, directors and DoPs with whom they regularly work. “We really wanted their honest and unbiased opinions to be able to fully technically evaluate the BMFL Blade,” explained Maurin.

The results were all extremely positive and as a result, Phase 4 made the investment. The new BMFL Blades went immediately out on their first event at the AccorHotels Arena for a special celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the Paris Bercy, which was broadcast live on national channel TF1.

Other high profile references for BMFLs in France include 40 of Dushow’s BMFL Spots used to great effect in a fantastic design by LD Dimitri Vassiliu for French megastar Johnny Hallyday’s Rester Vivant tour.

24 BMFL Blades from Dushow were used by Nicolas Maisonneuve on the highly successful tour by French-pop duo Souchon & Voulzy.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Arlett Gruss Circus, a new show – combining traditional circus acts like clowns with the adrenalised excitement of motorcycle speed teams and FMX displays – comes complete with an energetic new lightshow by LD Arthur Oudin utilising 11 BMFL Spots.

The opening ceremony of the brand new 450 million euro Stade des Lumieres in Lyon ahead of the Euro 2016 Football Championships also featured BMFLs in a spectacular lighting design by Tony Anzalone in January, complete with a rousing performance by and 1,500 additional people on stage.

The 59,500 seater stadium, home to French Ligue 1 football club Olympique Lyonnais (OL), will host six Euro 2016 matches.