Highlite launches DMT Premiere Series Blue Line pixel screens

Highlite premieres Dutch Media Tools Premiere Series Blue Line LED pixel screens.

Highlite has introduced Dutch Media Tools (DMT) Premiere Series Blue Line of LED pixel screens. 

Starting with two new models that have a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm, the PS-3.9 Blue Line LED pixel screens are a cost-effective choice. Thanks to a rating of IP54 (back) and IP65 (front), and a brightness of up to 5000 nits, they’re suitable for temporary use outdoors and can also be used indoors, of course.

The built-in A5s PLUS receiver card works with NovaStar video processors, while the Power Pro and ProCat connections ensure safe and secure power and data connectivity. Like all Premiere Series screens, the Blue Line models offer front and rear access for easy servicing, which makes them ideal for fixed installations as well as the rental market. 

Measuring 50cm by 50 cm and 50cm by 100cm, the new PS-3.9 Blue Line pixel screens are compatible with other models in the Premiere series and use the same hardware too.