Highlite Introduces Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrid

Highlite presents the latest addition to its Showtec Phantom series – the Phantom 12R Hybrid moving head.

Phantom 12R Hybrid has been added as the most powerful fixture yet in Highlite’s Showtec portfolio.

The Phantom 12R Hybrid is a versatile hybrid moving head with a 300W discharge lamp that produces up to 8600 lumens. It is equipped with motorised zoom, generating a beam angle from 2.2° to 48.8°, focus, frost, and strobe function.

Two overlapping prisms of 8 and 24 facets can be used simultaneously, creating very dynamic projections. Together with the motorised zoom and/or prism, a metal gobo wheel with 17 static gobos and a second gobo wheel with eight removable, rotating glass gobos plus open, it is possible to create numerous unique gobo morphing effects.

A colour wheel with 12 dichroic colours plus white provides the necessary lively colours. Although it is possible to control the fixture manually through control buttons and a graphic display on the unit, the most likely and convenient way is to use the 14 or 18 channels of DMX of the Phantom 12R Hybrid. The manual controls might prove indispensable for fault checking of cables or outputs, though.

Despite its strong light output and multitude of effects, it is still quite compact at 55x32x22 cm and weighs a mere 16 kg. Rigging the Phantom 12R Hybrid is easy with the Quicklock brackets. The optional W-DMX (external module, sold separately) eliminates cable clutter in your truss and avoids long cable runs in large venues.

The 12R Hybrid is very sturdy and built with high quality materials. Transporting it safely is easy in the dedicated Case for two Phantom 280 Hybrid/12R Hybrid. Two units plus cables and accessories are well protected in this solid and road worthy flight case.