Heff Moraes Joins PMC as UK Business Development Manager

As a brand ambassador for PMC, Heff Moraes will introduce the company’s products to a wider and younger audience.

Heff Moraes has been appointed to the position of Business Development Manager for PMC, with responsibility for the company’s UK pro audio division.

Based at PMC Studio London, PMC’s recently opened demo facility dedicated to Dolby Atmos music mixing, Moraes will act as a brand ambassador for PMC products and will use his extensive industry knowledge and experience to support dealers and help customers identify the right monitoring products for their needs.

“This is a key appointment that comes at a crucial time in PMC’s history,” said PMC CEO Jeff Willcocks. “Heff’s credentials are second to none. He thoroughly understands modern recording techniques, he has excellent contacts with artists, producers and record labels, and he has hands-on experience of PMC’s products. We are really thrilled that he is now part of our team and delighted that he will be endorsing and supporting our product range in such a visible and enthusiastic way.”

Moraes started his career at Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios in 1984 and went on to work with many top producers including Stephen Lipson, Ken Scott, Rhett Davies, Gary Langham and Bob Clearmountain. The list of artists he has worked with is also exceptional and includes Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, Propaganda, Paul McCartney, Seal, Simple Minds, Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Will Young and Kelly Clarkson.

In 2007, Moraes took a break from the music industry, returning in 2017 to build and manage a state-of-the-art studio at Tape, a private members club in London that regularly hosts performances by top artists and DJs such as Lady Gaga, Drake, Rudimental, P Diddy, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, John Legend and Travis Scott. Moraes chose PMC’s flagship QB1 XBD-A monitors for Tape’s in-house studio because they delivered the ultimate in sonic accuracy, transparency, clarity and power.

“As a leading loudspeaker maker, PMC understood what I wanted to achieve at Tape, and was able to create a bespoke playback system that delivered the ultimate in sound quality,” Moraes said. “The result was an exceptional monitoring system unlike anything else in the UK.”

A key driver for Moraes – and one of the main reasons why he has joined PMC as Business Development Manager – is his desire to create amazing sounding music. He believes this can be done by fostering the careers of incredible artists and producers and by using the very best technology to achieve sonic accuracy.

“If you want to make great music, you have to be brave. In order to be brave, you have to trust that what you are listening to is accurate,” he explained. “This is why it is so crucial to have monitors that deliver absolute accuracy and clarity – and in my opinion only PMC monitors can achieve this. Listening through a PMC system is the only truly transparent monitoring I have experienced and I believe the company’s products provide the perfect vehicle to help producers and engineers create better sounding records.”

At PMC’s new London studios, Moraes will be able to demonstrate the company’s full pro audio product range, including a monitoring system for Dolby Atmos music mixing.

“I hope we can encourage current and well-known artists to mix in Atmos because content that young people want to buy is what will drive the format,” he said.