HARMAN Professional Introduces New RUSH Atmospheric Effects Fluids

HARMAN Professional Solutions have announced the launch of RUSH Fog Fluid and RUSH Haze Fluid. Additionally, the popular RUSH Club Smoke Dual Fluid, a hybrid Fog and Haze fluid formula now have visually refreshed packaging and are now available in a wider selection of container sizes to match the new introductions announced today. All three RUSH fluids are available in standard 2.5 l, 5 l, 25 l container sizes and 220 l drums. RUSH fluids have been carefully tested and benchmarked to optimise between effect efficiency, quality, and price in all Martin effect machines, where applicable.

With their introduction, the new RUSH fluids bring the most popular Martin atmospheric effects fluids to the masses under harmonised labels, which have been optimised, for point of sale in retail. The new packaging features will make the buying experience easier for retailers and consumers with the integration of a safety seal, point of sale UPC and EAN codes, enhanced sales graphics and descriptors, directions, safety and quality assurances. In addition, a new rear facing QR code will deliver end-users to an online SDS (Safety Documents Sheets) portal on Martin.com for quick and easy retrieval of relevant safety information. Martin has also taken steps towards more eco-friendly product packaging by moving to recyclable inner and outer packaging materials.

“Increased sales of our popular fog and atmospheric effect fixtures, has in turn created much more demand for our effect fluid from end-users, dealers, and distributors. This has been especially true at traditional retail locations,” said Justin Cicerone, Product Line Manager, Retail Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “With these enhancements to the RUSH fluid line, customers around the world should now have an easier time purchasing fluids as needed when supplies are low and ShowTime is near.”