GIS AG Extend LP Series

GIS AS LP 1000 brake.

To mark its 60th anniversary, Swiss electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG has launched LP1000, the latest model in its new LP series of electric chain hoists developed and adapted to the needs of the entertainment industry.

The LP series was introduced at the start of 2017 with the successful launch of the LP500 model, and replaced the LCH series. The LP electric chain hoist series offers a low dead weight at 12kg only for 320kg lifting capacity, quiet running at 65 db and a built-in motor that offers a speed up to 32m/min. A 60% increase in lifting capacity with one chain fall (D8 hoist) is offered across the LP series, alongside a substantially increased life cycle compared to the corresponding chain hoist with the previous lifting capacity, up to four times depending on the application.

LP1000 has a lifting capacity of 1.6 tons with 1 chain fall (D8 hoist), an increase of 60% but with the same service life and switching frequency as the previous model. The 3-stage gear with permanent lubrication ensures quieter operation. The whole chain thread is equipped with a static security factor of at least 8 (ISO M5/FEM 2m). This reduces the wear of the components and extends their life cycle. In comparison with a conventional round steel chain, the case-hardened and manganese-phosphated profile steel chain offers an increased lifting capacity of 15% with the same nominal diameter.

The LP series is available as BGV D8, D8 Plus and C1 versions, or in country-specific or customised variants. Incremental and absolute encoder for distance measurement, load sensor, external limit switch, carrying handles and further accessories can be added without difficulty to the standard D8 version. The second independent DC spring-loaded brake for the D8 Plus and C1 models can be mounted on the existing shaft.

Erich Widmer, GIS AG Sales and Marketing Manager, commented: “LP500 has been received excellently by the market due to its outstanding features. We have new distributors who have won larger projects or sold bigger numbers of electric chain hoists to rental companies.”

GIS AG increased its production capacity by 20% in 2017 and will increase further in 2018.