Gear Heads: Cameo lighting OTOS H5 by Adam Hall Group

Daniel Wrase, Product Manager of Light Technology, previews the company’s new beam spot.

What benefits does the IP65-rated OTOS H5 bring to the live events market?

“OTOS H5 is the first member of our new OTOS series. We wanted to create a real workhorse for professional show and effect lighting that impresses with its flexibility and power both indoors and outdoors. For this reason, it was obvious from the very beginning that we would have to develop a particularly bright hybrid moving light comprising beam, spot and wash which is also IP65 rated. If I had to break down our objective into one sentence, I would say that with the OTOS H5 we have developed a fully road- and rider-ready outdoor moving light that is currently the lightest product in its class.”

What features will end users in the live events sector benefit from and why? 

“The 480W discharge-lamp has an output of 19,000 lumens, high-quality optics with 135mm front lens and wide zoom range of 2° to 42°. From tightly focused effects to wide-area illumination, anything is possible. In addition, the output can be reduced to 380W to be used in acoustically demanding environments with reduced noise and heat generation.” 

Why is it important to develop a robust fixture with a range of application options?

“The expectations of lighting designers, and production and rental companies are becoming more complex and multifaceted. The traditional categories like indoor or outdoor, touring or installation, etc. no longer apply. In addition, sustainability aspects are playing an increasingly important role. Professional users are looking for lighting solutions that are able to handle as many tasks as possible, take up little space and weight in the warehouse, during transport as well as in the rig, and still deliver top performance. Our answer is: OTOS H5.”

What has the response been like since the release of the product?

“We already expected a high demand on the market. However, the actual orders to date have exceeded our expectations by far. We are proud to tell you that the first batch of the OTOS H5 has already been completely sold and will soon celebrate its live debut at several large-scale events. The world premiere will be the ceremonial launch of the new cruise ship AIDAcosma in Hamburg, which will be accompanied by concerts and a spectacular drone show. Around 150 OTOS will be deployed here in one fell swoop. In addition, the OTOS will surely be seen on many large festival stages, in TV shows and at corporate events as well.”

This article originally appeared in issue #269 of TPi, which you can read here.