Four Laserworld RTI NANO 100 take to Ultra Europe 2022

Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia featured four RTI NANO 100 laser systems on its main stage this year. The lasers – with 100W RGB whitelight power – boast a tight and highly visible beam that remains the same over a long distance. Visitors reported the lasers still being visible on the mountains at around 20KM distance.

RTI NANO 100 is equipped with a professional, high speed scanning system that allows a scan speed of up to 38kpps @ 8° ILDA, which makes it graphics capable, too. This is possible due to technical developments based on the successful RSL laser source technology.

Stable operation in a wide temperature range is essential for these high power systems, as they are used at festivals and large scale projects, which usually means that they are exposed to higher temperatures.

Poland’s Confetti Systems recently invested in RTI NANO 100 lasers.