Evolve Technology Launches BStockGear.com

With a new standard for high-end used equipment sales.

BStockGear.com, a division of Evolve Technology, has launched as a web platform offering excellence in high-end used equipment and top-level engineering support.

BStockGear.com features a wide array of slightly used products sourced from Evolve Technology’s own state-of-the-art inventory as well as third-party partners.  It not only targets customers in live events and entertainment but also buyers from theaters, houses of worship and educational institutions looking to expand their equipment complements.  The website operates internationally.

Britany Phillips and Tim Morin, who are based at Evolve Technology’s Las Vegas headquarters, will spearhead the new division with Phillips heading up Sales Operations & Marketing Strategy while Morin focuses on Operations and Asset Management.

BStockGear.com fulfills the need for a high-end used gear marketplace with unmatched client support backed by video engineering expertise,” said Phillips.  “Our uniquely defined infrastructure and internal practices allow us to offer high-end gear at an ultra-competitive pricing structure.”

Morin noted that, “selling new and pre-owned certified gear is not new to us: We sell, on average, 35% of Evolve’s rental inventory yearly as pre-owned.  This new venture will help streamline the process for the buyer and allow us to serve other vertical markets that might not need to purchase new gear but still require top-quality equipment at a competitive price with expertise behind every purchase.”

“Selling used gear has been sort of a best-kept secret at Evolve Technology,” Phillips echoes.  “But it’s a secret no more as we launch BStockGear.com and step full force into the market.”

BStockGear.com represents a new standard in used equipment sales. The first “Certified Pre-Owned” program of its kind, it provides high-end, high-quality gear with white glove service, gear-knowledgeable sales support that extends beyond the life of the transaction, and top-level engineering expertise.  The result is a 360º sales experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Categories of equipment available from BStockGear.com include projection gear, screens, LED panels and processing, media servers, image processors, cameras and lenses, and playback and record systems.  Among the high-end brands represented are Panasonic, Barco and disguise.  “Hot Deals” from top manufacturers at unbeatable prices are always showcased on the website.  Audio and lighting products are offered via BStockGear.com’s brokerage partners.

Once on the BStockGear.com website customers can fill their gear carts and submit their purchases for sale.  Or they can request a call back from a sales rep, who will contact them within the hour and present a quote within 24 hours to finalise the sale.  One-stop equipment shopping has never been easier!

“We are very excited about the launch of this new platform,” says Morin.  “We believe that BStockGear.com fills a gap in equipment sales for the live events and entertainment market and offers a key new venue for emerging markets seeking the best in used equipment.”