ETC Reveals Lonestar

Lonestar is designed to provide the brightness and performance of High End Systems LED framing fixtures in a more compact and powerful package.

With 15,400 lumen output and a rich feature set, Lonestar is dubbed by High End Systems as a perfect addition to lighting systems in small to medium-sized venues. The luminaire’s rich colours, powerful zoom, full curtain framing, diffusion and prism effects make Lonestar a versatile and affordable tool for designers who require maximum performance from a mid-sized automated fixture.

Automated Lighting Product Manager, Matt Stoner commented: “With the Lonestar, we aggressively reduced fixture size and cost to make a luminaire that fills the needs of venues of all sizes and design aesthetics. With punchy output, framing, and a full complement of effects and colour capabilities, Lonestar will bring high quality and professional feature sets to a size and price where professional quality was formerly out of reach.”

High End Systems Brand Manager, Tania Lesage added: “Lonestar is a simple yet powerful mix of three ingredients: an impressive feature set, ETC’s quality service, and a great price tag. From upgrading your lighting in churches or clubs to switching your school stage to all LED, Lonestar does any job in the most effective, reliable, and economical way. We are very excited to bring this product to the market.”