Era Electronica Revamps Product Roster

Era Electronica revamps product lineup to support remote work with Marshall Electronics and MXL Microphones’ plug-and-play solutions.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Era Electronica had to adjust its product offerings to align with the new needs of its customers for remote workflows. The company turned to Marshall Electronics’ CV610-UB HD PTZ cameras and MXL Microphones’ AC-360-V2 mics to add affordable, plug-and-play USB AV solutions to its product line card.

With these USB products in its inventory, Era can provide complete audiovisual solutions to a range of customers, including educational facilities, houses of worship, government agencies and broadcasters, as they navigate through these unforeseen times.

“Our relationship with the Marshall and MXL teams goes back ten years, meeting for the first time at an NAB show,” said Juan Fernando Ospina, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager at Era Electronica. “Over the years, we have turned to the companies’ products for projects in television broadcasting and video monitors for production applications. However, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to quickly adapt to the times to meet our customers current needs. With Marshall and MXL in our corner, we can offer USB solutions to better support our customers in the educational sector as well as manufacturers, houses of worship, TV broadcasting companies and government agencies.”

Era Electronica has been experiencing a massive surge in demand for AV solutions in the educational sector, including universities, colleges, and technical schools as classrooms around the globe have been forced to virtualise. “With MXL’s AC-360-V2 mics and Marshall’s CV610-UB cameras, we are able to provide high-quality audio and video for classroom settings as students are remote learning,” said Ospina. “We found that the AC-360-V2 and CV610-UB deliver the total package in regard to price, quality and versatility.”

For streaming purposes, Era Electronica finds Marshall’s CV610-UB to be a reliable solution for outstanding video quality. “In auditoriums and house of worship settings, Marshall’s PTZ cameras with SDI and HDMI outputs, as well as its monitors with video for mastering production, have provided our customers with a dependable video solution to successfully connect with audiences from a distance,” added Ospina. “The CV610-UB camera is really great in terms of resolution. The sensor is of excellent quality and the autofocus is fast with no noticeable delays. With 340° of coverage the CV610-UB works well in a classroom setting, allowing the teacher to move around the room while remaining in focus.”

Additionally, MXL’s AC-360-V2 USB microphone offers crystal-clear audio, providing users with a complete AV solution when paired with Marshall’s CV610-UB camera. “The AC-360-V2 microphone with its 12 capsules and 360° of coverage is an ideal solution for educational settings, allowing students to actively participate in discussions and ask questions throughout a lesson,” says Ospina. “The pristine audio quality ensures that both students and educators can communicate clearly.”

As Era Electronica integrates AV solutions throughout Colombia, the company has received positive feedback from its customers regarding the mics and cameras. “With simple USB-connectivity, the MXL and Marshall solutions are easy for users to implement into their workflow, which is something that our customers appreciate,” adds Ospina. “When compared to the competition, the audio quality of the AC-360-V2 and the video resolution of the CV610-UB really make these products stand out from the crowd. Also, the ease of installation makes MXL and Marshall the ideal products to support our customers throughout this global pandemic as they adapt to remote work for the long term.”

Era Electronica continues to offer MXL and Marshall products as top-of-the-line offerings that are available at a great price. “The low cost of these solutions is an added benefit to the high-end results users can obtain with MXL and Marshall,” says Ospina. “We are very happy with the jobs we have completed with the Marshall and MXL brands. Our work reflects in our sales, and we look forward to continuing to rely on these brands and hope to widen our portfolio of its products in the future.”