Entec Invests in GLP JDC1

Entec Sound & Light’s lighting department has taken delivery of its first batch of JDC1 LED ‘hybrid’ strobes from German Light Products, with a consignment making a total of 28 units.   

“Our purchase was originally encouraged by LDs Nico Riot and Liam Griffiths, who were very passionate about the product,” said Adam Stevenson, Entec’s assistant head of lighting. “Having already trialled the JDC1 on a number of projects, we are confident that this new fixture will become an exceptionally popular rental item for us. It’s a very hot product right now and we wanted to make a commitment to it on behalf of our clients as early as possible.”

The new arrivals join Entec’s fleet of other recently acquired, leading edge special effect fixtures, namely 30 Ayrton MagicBlade FX, 25 Solaris Flare Q+ (with Kasmer diffusion accessories) and 24 GLP impression X4 Bar 20 battens.

Designed to offer complete versatility, the JDC1 combines a traditional single tube element that delivers clear, bright white output with a full face of 1,440 RGB LEDs. Independent control of the single tube and LED elements is provided, meaning that fixtures can be operated individually or work together to create a wide range of effects. The tube and full-face sections are both reportedly able to run continuously to deliver high output blinder and wash light effects without reducing output or suffering thermal cutouts. The manufacturer states that the combined solution enables operation as a “powerful strobe light”.

In his positive review for PLSN magazine, Richard Olson wrote: “The search for the perfect strobe light to replace the original Atomic model has been endless. Over the last 3 years, every lighting manufacturer has released their version of what they think the designers wanted… but to this designer’s eye, they were all missing something. Thank goodness GLP has put an end to all of this. With all the various uses this fixture has, GLP has reinvented the hybrid strobe as we know it. The JDC1 may possibly become the most popular strobe light ever.”