ELS Goes Elation for Dylan Scott charity show

Elation Platinum HFX hybrid moving heads - Dylan Scott’s Bayou Stock Charity Show

Country music Singer, Dylan Scott took to the stage in November 2018 to host a charity concert for kids in Louisianna and an Elation Professional lighting rig and ADJ video panels were used to light the event.

Extreme Lighting & Sound of Nashville, Tennessee, supplied the lighting and video gear for the event that raised $30,000 that bought presents for underprivileged kids over Christmas.  

ELS was brought in to supply of all lighting, which consisted of; 17 Elation Platinum HFX hybrid moving heads, eight Elation Colour Chorus 48 LED battens, eight Elation Fuze Wash Z120 LED wash lights, six Elation compact Rayzor 360Z beam moving effects, 15 Elation Cuepix WW2 Blinders, six Elation Protron 3K LED strobes and eight Elation SixPar 200 LED Par lights.

Dylan Scott is one of ELS’s main clients, having fabricated and built a floor package for his 2018 tour. “This is actually the last of 114 shows this year that it has been on the road,” stated ELS President Austin Grundberg, who designed and programmed the lighting for the Bayou Stock event and ran the show for all of the artists.

Grundberg designed a festival rig for Scott but said he used it for all the acts while also taking into account Scott’s floor package which he wanted to complement. Pivotal to the design were the Elation Colour Chorus battens, which the Designer hung vertically upstage. “They helped fill in any blank space and gave a nice eye candy look during the day when it was harder to see the movers,” Grundberg stated.

Grundberg worked alongside Chris “Booba” Young, who helped design the video wall and created all the video content. With 4,000 people in attendance and $30,000 raised for underprivileged kids for Christmas, Scott has all the more reason to call Bayou Stock’s first year a big success.