Elevate your designs with Depence R3.1

The latest version of Syncronorm’s multimedia show design and visualisation software hits the market with widespread support from production designers.

Depence R3.1 is the most recent free update for the latest iteration of the Depence multimedia show design and visualisation software, developed and distributed by Syncronorm. The new release builds on the improvements and enhancements of R3 released earlier this year, which for the first time also enabled the visualisation of fireworks in multimedia shows among other dynamic show elements in real time.

The update was developed for the creation of huge shows with the possibility to work with up to 1,024 DMX universes via known industry standards like ArtNet, sACN or the grandMA3 Vizkey hardware tool. For this purpose, not only were the corresponding parameters adjusted, but also emphasis was placed on performance and speed during loading, which affects both render times and real-time visualisation. This improvement is based on the CPU side of rendering, which makes projects with more than 2,000 fixtures in terms of visualisation technology possible in the first place. This also includes load times when visualising multiple crowds at festivals or various other animated objects like stage elements.

Such a prestigious project among others was the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which was pre-programmed with the help of Depence. “The outstanding features of R3.1 include the render quality and high performance,” commented Flo Erdmann of Flo Erdmann Lichtdesign and von|Berg, who used the software to pre-programme Berlin’s Special Olympic World Games Opening 2023 ceremony, which required over 255 DMX universes. “It was the only software solution that offered this number of universes. We also benefitted from the performance upgrades, so we had about 3,500 fixtures patched. the combination of render quality and pre-production tool is the advantage of Depence R3.1. It has become an indispensable tool.”

Syncronorm Depence R3.1 includes greater creative capabilities for laser deployment.

With the latest update, the team at Syncronorm is not only focusing on performance but also on the quality of the renderings. The new Ambient Light feature allows the show visualisation to be even more realistic than before. Also calculated in real time, this new feature, which is based on an approximation to dynamic indirect light, allows dark scenes to appear in a fresh new light.

The new Decal feature has also been implemented with Depence R3.1. With the help of this tool, PBR (physical based rendering) textures such as signs, lettering, or wear effects can be placed directly on 3D models within the software. This makes stage designs even more realistic.

After the inclusion of fireworks in the show design cycle of the Depence software system R3, the update also comes with the exciting addition of indoor fireworks effects. To that, effects like gerbs or flashes have been added to the growing Depence library. “The fact it can also visualise lasers, pyrotechnics, and special effects makes it the complete package,” said Markus Neubauer of Lacave Records and X4 Collective – who has used Depence to visualise, and pre-programme shows for the likes of Helene Fischer, Robbie Williams, Parookaville Mainstage, World Club Dome Outdoor Mainstage, AIDA Ships, among others.

“I often use the new indoor firework feature for visualising huge EDM shows and festivals and to adapt my busking show file in the office, which is much more comfortable than spending hours pre-programming at night on a real festival rig. I also like to add artists in real-time via the green-screen key, which provides a good way to simulate shows while the artist/management are hanging out in the office and get a realistic impression of the show.”

Depence R3.1 is free for Depence R3 users and can be updated within the software.