Elektrovat Joins HOF Distribution Network

HOF expands its distribution network in Serbia and the Balkan region with the arrival of Elektrovat.

HOF has welcomed Elektrovat as new distribution partner in Serbia and the Balkan region.

Elektrovat is well known for its expertise in the fields of stage lighting and mechanics for theatre, television, and film studios.

Elektrovat Manager of the Stage Mechanics and Lighting Department, Branko Jovanović, said: “We are known as trusted partner when it comes to demanding projects using the state of the art equipment of renowned manufacturers. Absolute commitment and the ability to meet diverse and most delicate technical client requests are our greatest advantage. Having the trussing and lighting products from HOF now in our portfolio is the natural addition to our portfolio of high quality products. Another reason why we wanted to work with HOF is their ability to produce special constructions – an expertise and service that many of our projects require. We look very much forward to a strong partnership.”

HOF Export & Sales Manager, Edwin Duivelaar, added: “We are very excited to have Electrovat joining the HOF Family and to enlarge our distribution network in Central Europe. Elektrovat’s focus on demanding constructions and special constructions in the areas of theatre, television and film studios are a perfect fit to our portfolio and services.”

Elektrovat will distribute the HOF brands HOF truss, including the MLT2, Excellent Line, XOOP Lighting and CJS Coupler.