Elation Professional’s Koy Neminathan takes the hot seat

Elation Professional’s Koy Neminathan discusses his new role as the company’s Director of Business Development.

Koy Neminathan

What does your new role at Elation Professional entail?

“I will be looking after new business development and assisting the team to continue the expansion of our distribution network around the world. We want the strongest partners around the world selling, supporting, and training our products, and I hope to play an integral role.”

What attracted you to Elation Professional? 

“The people first, as they have been so friendly and transparent about their vision and roadmap. We know that the people you work with make the biggest difference to your output and progress, and I am glad I am working with a group of talented and fun individuals. Then, of course, the products. We have such a wide ranging and detailed portfolio of products which I can get my teeth into.”

How does it feel to embark on this new professional chapter?

“I was told that change is a good thing and that the common phrase ‘change is the only constant in life’ came to mind when making this leap. It was an easy decision yet difficult at the same time. Difficult knowing that I was leaving many good friends but easy knowing that I was going to build something special with my new Elation Professional team. A new chapter brings new challenges, and I am so ready for them!”

What do the next few months have in store for you and the wider Elation Professional team?

“It’s the first time that I have written a ‘100-day plan’ and I intend to do my best to adhere to that. This includes, learning, listening, getting to know the team internally and visiting our international distributors. I am looking forward to travelling a lot more to see customers around the globe and I’m looking ahead to working closely with my new team.”

Where do you see the Elation Professional brand in the future?

My plan is to ensure that all of our brands stand independently and yet, be the perfect solution when they come together. Lights, control, and nodes make up a significant part of television/broadcast, live touring, theatre, installation and corporate environments and sectors. I want to ensure that Obsidian, Netron and Elation has a place in those segments.”