Elation Professional LightJockey retires

LightJockey – the end of an era.

Elation Professional LightJockey is considered one of the longest available lighting control software solutions on the market. Now, after over two decades of service and with tens of thousands of systems in the market, the time has come for LightJockey to gracefully retire.

As ongoing security changes to Windows prevent LightJockey from functioning reliably, the decision was made to phase out the lighting control software with the release of Windows 11 in October. The last LightJockey kit has been sold and this iconic software – the starting point for many professionals in the business – will no longer evolve.

The transition to a new and modern software solution, however, is simple. LightJockey USB DMX hardware is recognized by ONYX, the innovative and easy-to-operate lighting control platform by Obsidian Control Systems.

Plug-and-play drivers unlock any of the devices to the ONYX NOVA license, which offers four universes of DMX, Art-Net or sACN support. Simply download ONYX, connect the LightJockey DMX adapter and enjoy limitless creative opportunities.

Obsidian offers a host of online training videos to help professionals easily learn and convert their systems from LightJockey to ONYX. Find them at here.