Elation Fuze Pendant a Versatile House and Area Lighting Solution

Elation is offering a pendant version in its Fuze series of high performance, high-value LED luminaires. Now available is the colour-changing Fuze Pendant LED wash light, an energy-efficient intelligent downlighting fixture that provides powerful illumination for a variety of house and area lighting applications.

With its flexible design, this pendant light is at home in permanent installs as well as any temporary application like tradeshows, exhibitions and corporate events. Housing a full spectrum 230W LED array, the Fuze Pendant produces vibrant colours while providing high CRI variable white tones to flood space in hues of colour or functionally wash a house of worship or other venues in shades of white light. The RGBWL LED emits a wide palette of colours, and with colour temperature adjustment from 2,000 – 10,000K it also makes for an excellent colour-matching unit.

Crisp whites with a high CRI, plus subtle pastels and powerful pure colours with 16-bit dimming, allow for a wide range of smooth illumination and dynamic effects for any environment. At up to 11,000 lumens, the Fuze Pendant is ideal for large areas and high-ceiling applications yet are compact enough to be adaptable to smaller spaces. A variety of dimming curve modes, virtual colour wheels and strobe enhance its dynamic capabilities.

Featuring a compact and fanless design, the Fuze Pendant operates silently for use in noise-sensitive environments. When used in broadcast situations, LED refresh rate frequency is remote adjustable to guarantee flicker-free operation.

Pendant (included) and optional yoke or recessed ceiling options provide flexibility when finding the ideal mounting position. The included 45-degree lens plus a variety of available lens options (25-, 35-, 60-degree) allows for precise light distribution. Optional half and full snoot kits are available to position the beam even more precisely.

Industry-standard power and DMX connections, plus included terminal block connections for power, emergency battery input and 0-10V control, support multiple permanent or temporary install requirements with single product design. The Fuze Pendant can also receive wireless DMX via the integrated Elation E-FLY transceiver for easier setup with less cable mess.

Weighing just 15.8lbs. (7.2 kg) and drawing only 230W of max power, the Fuze Pendant makes a big impact with a small footprint and offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency for a lower cost of ownership.