Eagle AV Rental expands inventory with Ayrton

Eagle AV Rental has invested in Ayrton Perseo S Profile and IntelliPix XT fixtures for its inventory. 

Eagle AV Rental offers a full range of audio, video and lighting equipment, pre-rigged truss, motors, power and signage.  Rental customers are supported with an in-house visualisation studio, 25,000 square feet of prep space for shows and a fleet of delivery vehicles covering the entire East Coast.  Its parent company is Eagle Production Company, providing turnkey solutions for the corporate event industry and trade shows.

“We have been wanting to add Ayrton fixtures for a long time,” commented CEO Shaya Adler.  “Ayrton has great name recognition in the industry, and artists really like using their products.  ACT stands behind the Ayrton line and worked with us to make this initial purchase happen.”

Adler noted that Eagle AV Rental “services a lot of corporate events and concert touring and our 48 new Perseo Profiles can accommodate both.  We like its IP65 rating for outdoor use and extensive range of gobos and effects.”

Also, the IntelliPix XTs are now on hand.  They are fitted with nine LED beams, which can be controlled individually, the fixtures are already booked for a concert touring gig.

Eagle AV Rental also stocks a number of grandMA3 full-size, light and on PC command wing consoles and has more full and light units on order.  The inventory includes MDG theONE atmospheric generators and ATMe haze generators, and plans call for adding more.  MA Lighting and MDG products are also exclusively distributed by ACT Entertainment in North America.

“Our grandMA consoles and MDG units are always out, and we are expanding the inventory with more of both,” Adler noted.  “We also plan to add more Ayrton fixtures in the future.  Their reliability and indoor/outdoor usage are big factors in our commitment to the Ayrton line. ACT has been a very strong backbone in supporting our company in every way from guiding us in gear selection, helping us with logistics and being so conveniently located near our offices.”

James Suit, ACT’s NYC Metro Regional Outside Sales, concluded, “We’re very happy to have Eagle expand their available inventory with Ayrton. Their investment makes them a fantastic partner and this will be a true resource for the northeast subrental market as well as their own creative productions.”