Creative Technology introduces Elation Proteus Radius to US market

Creative Technology is the first in the U.S. to take delivery of Elation’s new Proteus Radius beam light.

Ian Dobson, Technical Director-Lighting at Creative Technology, first saw the fixture at the LDI show in December and immediately recognised its potential: “We were in need of a fast-moving, eye-candy style light suitable for corporate settings that is lightweight and can razzle and dazzle the audience,” he said. “The Radius fit the bill. It projects a beautiful narrow beam and has plenty of gobos for some striking looks.”

Elation has launched a new era of beam lights with the Proteus Radius. What sets it apart is its SSPC engine, which produces a dense beam similar to a laser yet without the associated risks and regulatory challenges. Dobson says the fact that the Radius is not subject to FDA regulation and can be operated without a certification or permit was also a deciding factor in its choice.

CT and Elation have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years, a partnership underscored by a shared commitment to innovation, and this latest purchase is a great example. “This was another opportunity to work with Elation to secure some of the newest technology out there,” Dobson said. “It felt like the perfect time to jump in early and be ahead of the crowd. We’re excited to offer our customers another groundbreaking solution.”

In recent years, Creative Technology has seen a expansion in its lighting capabilities in serving the US market. This investment in 100 Proteus Radius fixtures ensured that CT can meet the needs of its US customer base and continue to provide top-level lighting support for projects around the country.