DRPG Supports Local Community During Lockdown

DRPG team members support their local community during lockdown.

Individuals, teams and companies are doing what they can to support their local areas and the people living there and Hartlebury-based creative communications group DRPG are proud to do its bit to help the community they have formed part of for 40 years.

On 14 May 2020, as well as lighting up their Studios in Hartlebury in blue as part of the Light it Blue campaign to thank the NHS for their tireless work during the crisis, at exactly 9 seconds past, 9 minutes past 9pm (to denote 999) the video, motion graphics and production teams unveiled a huge surprise for frontline workers.

Throughout the week DRPG team members had recorded personalised messages of thanks to people they know working on the frontline to help the community throughout this crisis. The poignant lyrics to True Colours were spoken over photos of artwork, clips of people clapping on their doorsteps and thank you messages, to create a video. This video was then projection mapped on to the front wall of the studio complex and HQ building using the latest Panasonic laser projection technology and then streamed live across social media channels.

Dale Parmenter, CEO of DRPG commented: “We are proud to be able to thank those who are doing so much for our community and to be able to use the skills, technology and resources we have in our team to make this gesture of support and give back to our community. The technology used to project this video is part of our 2020 multimillion-pound investment programme into the latest tech on the market to help us provide the best and most up to date services for our clients. To be able to use this brand-new tech for such a worthy cause is humbling.

“Everyone in the team knows someone who is working to keep the supply chains running, keep the community fed and connected or working in the NHS to help protect those affected by Coronavirus, and this is our chance to show them that we are grateful for all that they are doing.”


The team at DRPG have also taken part in charitable initiatives to ensure those in their local communities have access to the supplies they need to stay safe. They have been distributing hand sanitizer to the local care home Brockdale Home, who due to the lack of PPE equipment have gratefully received the supplies to help in their fight to stop the spread of the virus. The print team have supported the ‘Scrubs’ initiative by printing the patterns.

The volunteering has been company and UK wide with the events and incentive travel teams of sister company Penguins based down in Windsor taking part in several local initiatives themselves. The teams have been involved in challenges, including the national 2.6 challenge raising money for local charities, as well as organising donations to NHS and keyworkers and creating artwork to send to vulnerable people in care homes and hospitals as part of the Art from the Heart initiative.

Mark Buist, MD of Penguins is proud of the work his team has been doing in these difficult times. He commented: “It is fantastic to see the initiative taken by all our team members and their commitment to supporting the community we have served for so long. I am proud to see the results of all their work and to be part of a team that is determined to bring smiles to people’s faces even in these tough times.”

He added: “So much about of our jobs in the event industry involves working and connecting with lots of people. The current lockdown situation has limited this aspect of our careers that we truly love so we wanted to find other ways to reach out and connect with people, especially those most in need.”