DiGiCo Expands S-Series at InfoComm

As well as a plethora of new product offerings on show at this year’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas, DiGiCo is pleased to announce the new V2.2 software upgrade for S-Series consoles, which incorporates a number of much-wanted features, as well as the two new DMI modules; the DMI-AMM and DMI ME.

The free of charge V2.2 upgrade will give S-Series users access to:

Rack Receive the only mode prevents the I/O rack’s input socket gain from changing on the surface if it is adjusted locally.

Snapshot fader crossfades- for all Input, Matrix and CG faders, fader crossfade times can be applied per channel and per Snapshot.

Control Group Spill– up to 10 pre-defined members of a Control Group can be spilt to any console section using a single button function.

OSC Control of Snapshots– OSC messages can be transmitted from the console when a Snapshot is fired, or a Snapshot can be fired when an incoming OSC message is received. This will work with Q-Lab and other show control software that uses the OSC platform for triggering Snapshots on the console or events from the console to the show control systems.


The DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing Card) allows up to 48 channels of automatic mic mixing on any S-Series console and works by automatically managing several live microphones in unpredictable dialogue situations.


DiGiCo’s growing House of Worship market is steadily seeing more integration with personal monitoring. The company already offers a solution for Aviom personal mixers and is now pleased to announce an ME solution that offers a 40-output interface to Allen & Heath ME-1 or ME-500 Personal Mixers, with multiple personal Mixers able to be connected to the DMI ME via the ME-U Hub.

“At DiGiCo, we have always taken the approach of being able to interface our systems with all available protocols in the markets,” said Matt Larson Vice President at Group One Limited, DiGiCo’s US distributor.

“The DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface family of cards allows us to design interface cards like the new DMI- ME card that connects with the Allen & Heath ME Personal Mixing System that is increasingly used in the House of Worship, theatrical and live touring markets.”