DiGiCo bolsters production values for Lexington Band

Serbian pop music group, Lexington Band makes the switch to a Waves-enabled DiGiCo SD11 mixing console, courtesy of AVL Projekt. Photo: DiGiCo

In pursuit of the ideal solution to meet their on-stage requirements and enable audiences to fully appreciate their music, Serbia’s Lexington Band decided to invest in a Waves-enabled DiGiCo SD11 mixing console.

AVL Projekt, DiGiCo’s Serbian distributor, was engaged to offer support and invited the band to visit their demo space in Novi Sad, where audio engineer Dragoslav Beljin – who has been working with AVL Projekt since 2016, showcased the various functionalities and capabilities of the SD11.

“I’ve been using DiGiCo since 2014, with my initial exposure to the brand being through my work with an SD8 console at a festival. Then I had the opportunity to work with other SD and S consoles, primarily focusing on the SD11, which is my personal favourite due to its compact size and exceptional audio quality that is both neutral and comparable to the sound signature of the larger SD consoles,” explained Beljin. “I also particularly appreciate the SD11’s adaptability to the specific needs and requirements of each event. Regardless of the workflow I need to follow, the console is capable of supporting it.”

After a successful demo session in which Beljin played a multitrack recording, showcasing the console’s potential, exploring various effects, and allowing the band to operate and mix on the console themselves, Beljin highlights the key features that distinguished the SD11 from the band’s previous mixer were the sound quality, ease of multichannel recording, and the integration with Waves.

“Another crucial aspect for them is the console’s compact size and lightweight design, which are essential for easy transportation to the variety of venues they play, from smaller clubs to larger outdoor arenas when they’re touring, and facilitates easy setup at any FOH position,” he added.

Featuring a 15-inch TFT LCD touchscreen, 12 touch-sensitive moving faders, and an impressive 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz, the DiGiCo SD11 comprises a master section that incorporates 12 interchangeable 32-band graphic equalisers, six stereo effects, and eight control groups (VCAs). 

“Snapshots enable seamless switching between fully finished and pre-prepared configurations in any live environment, be it rehearsals, system adjustments, or the event itself. With the console’s remarkable Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology, the SD11 perfectly aligns with the band’s requirements, upholding the high standards set by the DiGiCo SD Series consoles,” continued Beljin. 

He further highlights the Dynamic EQ module on all vocal tracks as another useful feature, as it effectively addresses problematic frequencies. “With the use of Waves plug-ins with the SD11, we were able to further enhance their overall mixing workflow,” he continued.

Since acquiring the console in 2022, the SD11 has become an indispensable companion for Lexington Band’s touring shows and events. Their setup includes not only the SD11 but also a DiGiCo D-Rack, boasting up to 32 microphone inputs, 8-line inputs, and eight optional modular outputs at 48kHz or 28 inputs and 16 outputs at 96kHz. “Additionally, they have the Super Rack Extreme Combo server for real-time plugin processing, allowing them to fully maximise the capabilities of this system,” Beljin explained.

Beljin emphasises that DiGiCo support was readily available whenever he needed it. “I have a close working relationship with DiGiCo tech support, with Jaap Pronk [International Sales Manager, DiGiCo] as the main point of contact in our region. However, in this particular case, the project was straightforward and didn’t require external involvement from the team,” he noted.

“With the DiGiCo SD11 console and Waves server, Lexington Band has elevated the audio production of their performances, which often take place in large concert halls and clubs,” concluded Beljin. “They have successfully met and exceeded the expectations of both their passionate fan community and the music industry alike, cementing their reputation as one of the most popular music bands in the country.”