DiGiCo appoints RMS Proaudio as Portuguese distributor

RMS Proaudio General Manager, Miguel Angel.

DiGiCo has appointed RMS Proaudio as its new distributor for Portugal.

Experts in providing pro audio solutions to Southern Europe, RMS Proaudio have been working with DiGiCo as its Spanish distributor for almost two decades and have established DiGiCo as the go to mixing solution for the Spanish market.

“RMS Proaudio have been consistently successful with the DiGiCo brand across Spain, so when the time came to appoint a new distributor for Portugal, they were an obvious choice,” said DiGiCo Sales Application Specialist, Fernando Delgardo.

“We have been distributing DiGiCo to the Spanish market for more than 18 years and now we are excited to bring the same level of experience, support and technical service to Portugal,” added Miguel Angel, General Manager of RMS Proaudio. “We are delighted to have this great opportunity and aim to take advantage of all these years working with DiGiCo so that it becomes a reference in Portugal in the same way it is in Spain.”