Daniel Thibault Revs Up Pulse EDM with CHAUVET DJ Intimidators

This Halloween, Pulse EDM featured a relentless, eye-searing light show with 12 Intimidator Scan LED 300 moving fixtures and four Hurricane Haze 2D water-based haze machines from CHAUVET DJ.
Designed by Daniel Thibault of Life Is Art Studios, the light show sliced up the stage with an intense array of multi-coloured beams moving in every direction. “I set up the Intimidators to edge the rest of the rig,” said the LD. “They held the whole rig together as crazy as the show got at times. Their small size and their mirror makes them one of my favourite lights for framing purposes. You can stick them just about anywhere and they take over. They also consume very little power. On this night, they shared the stage with a bunch of much bigger fixtures, but they punched through everything and held their own to create an extra layer in my design.”
Thibault used the Intimidator Scan LED 300s to fill in space when other lights in his rig were working as aerial effects. “They filled in to keep the stage vibrant and created texture,” he said. “It was important at a gig like this to maintain a certain level of brightness and intensity throughout the evening.”
Positioned on ladder truss stage right and left, as well as flown overhead on upstage truss, the Intimidators were also used to sweep the stage with crisp gobos and to engage the audience with synchronised chase scenes.  “These lights played a variety of roles in my design,” said Thibault.  “They helped us create a lot of looks without taking up a lot of space.”
All of the looks created by the Intimidators, as well as all of the other fixtures on Thibault’s rig, were enhanced by the Hurricane Haze units he placed on the four corners of the stage.  He used the haze machines to accent key moments during the five EDM performances. 
“I rely on these hazers exclusively on my small to mid-sized gigs,” he said. “They have a nice smooth output that covers the stage and makes the lighting pop. The intensity level at a Pulse EDM event is high, so anything I can do to rev up the lighting is appreciated.”