Creative Live Control Unites at Night

Creative Live Control’s Charles Ford and Brandon Clark have been busy during the pandemic by using creativity and lateral thinking to help maintain positive energies – embracing the Unite at Night initiative, with Robe moving lights from rental partner, JRLX.

This nightly sing-along, make-some-noise and DIY light-show – interpreted as bring what you can fairy-lights, glitter-balls, LED battens, and more – started spontaneously in and around Chicago to bring communities together in uncertain times and celebrate the efforts of all heroes on the frontlines helping to keep everyone safe.

Having spoken to JRLX and worked out a good deal for what they could fit into their car – two Robe MegaPointes and two Robe Spiiders – the team rocked up over two weekends at different locations including two neighbourhood ‘hot spots’, one in the South Loop adjacent to the downtown area, and the other in Lakeshore East just north of Millennium Park.

Both locations are replete with tall buildings, so they set up – about half a mile away from the main structures – harnessing Robe Spiiders for general wash lights and Robe MegaPointes to blast spectacular razor-sharp gobo patterns which climbed up and down the buildings to the delight of onlookers and residents.

The gobos included some custom designs – like hearts – supplied by their friends at Rosco. “We were delighted to be involved, and it’s great to see light generally celebrated during this time as something that’s positive and a sign of hope for the future,” he enthused, adding that the mood was shared by local media who were happy to report some uplifting news.

The news comes as Ford and Clark establish a two-person socially distanced professional live streaming service to deliver lighting, sound cameras and broadcast to artists wanting to look amazing onscreen during their streams – available in a pop-up studio or as a mobile system.