CPL Takes to elrow Town

Photos: elrow Town.

CPL provided a large format projection system for the main and second stages of elrow Town, which recently took over London’s Olympic park following its debut one-day festival in 2017.

Mike Radford led the CPL team after they were asked onboard by technical services provider Production Hire from Brackley. Elrow London’s 2018 main stage (The Town Square) was a big scenic multi-layered design – part of the brand’s highly theatrical touring system – which is alive with colour and detail right at the centre of Elrow Town’s dynamic theming, a look that is hugely popular throughout Europe.

Radford specified CPL’s largest projectors for the Town Square – 2 pairs of Barco UDX 30Ks – a new acquisition for the company this summer. This was the fourth event on which they had been used to great effect.

The projection platforms were built behind the FOH position, approximately 70 metres away from the stage and the results were “completely stunning!” exclaimed Radford.

With 120,000 lumens of output, the animated images burst into action as soon as darkness fell, thrilling the crowds and ramping up the atmosphere to a visual peak ready for each night’s headlining sets.

Radford specified 2 Panasonic 12K laser projectors, which were rigged vertically and at 45° to one another on Stage Two, thanks to the versatility of the RigTec custom portrait brackets utilised to get the machines in precisely the correct positions. The blend was controlled via with a Barco S3 processor

The 12Ks (with another pair provided for ‘hot’ backup) were perfect for this darker space which also had a shorter throw distance, and they were located 8 metres above and four metres in front of the gecko rigged on one of the roof trusses.

CPL also provided all the relevant power distribution for the projection systems on both stages. Radford concluded: “It was fantastic being part of the Elrow Town experience and contributing to this powerful and incredibly upbeat atmosphere which spread excellent vibes. We enjoyed working alongside Mark Neil and his crew from Production Hire to help the bring Elrow’s vibrant lifestyle to town”.