Core Pro Audio presents Core Pro Show 2022

Midlands-based Core Pro Audio welcomes manufacturers and members of the community for a day of training and networking – offering an alternative to the traditional tradeshow format.

As we move into Q2 of 2022, we’ve seen a welcome return for tradeshows. From Prolight + Sound and Integrated Systems Europe in Europe to NAMM and InfoComm in the US, these staples of the live events community are sure to be appreciated by both exhibitors and attendees. That said, throughout the two-year lockdown, we’ve seen many companies take it upon themselves to offer a different type of networking opportunity to the community at large.

Taking place last year at its warehouse, Core Pro Audio welcomed the UK audio industry to meet face-to-face with some of the manufacturers it stocks. Due to the success of that event, the Core team wanted to take the concept to the next level, moving out of their warehouse into plush surroundings of the Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton, with an L-Acoustics K3 demo out on the green as well as demo spaces for DiGiCo, Yamaha, DPA, Shure, Allen & Heath, XTA, Sony and representatives from Medialease and Vista Insurance. 

Speaking about the event was Core Pro Audio Director, Joe Jackson. “The main disadvantage with many of the major trade shows is that there is a wide audience, whereas here we’ve gathered a group of people who are passionate about audio,” he began. “We wanted to create something for the UK community where they could come and learn about the new features for the key brands we work with.” 

One point the team at Core Pro Audio were keen to push was that this event was not so much about selling products as it was giving people a chance to network and learn. “There is no secret that stock issues are hitting all corners of the industry,” stated Jackson. “We made orders in September that were only being received at the beginning of April. This event gives manufacturers the chance to have direct access with customers to explain the situation and make more people aware of the issues.” 

Despite the hard times created by stock issues, Jackson was pleased to report that all the manufacturer partners were very receptive to the idea of the latest open day. “Everyone was keen on the training and network side of the show last year and happy to sign up for this bigger event,” he stated. “We’re here for awareness and to create great networking opportunities. We estimate that there are nearly 200 firms in the UK alone that deal solely with audio rental. Our hope is to become a one-stop shop for this community moving forward.” 

One return supporter to the open house was Tim Shaxson from DiGiCo. “We really enjoyed the event last year and wanted to be part of it this time round,” reported Shaxson. “The people who are coming here want to talk about audio and it’s great to have a captive audience to walk them through the kit.” 

During the day, visitors were divided into groups no bigger than 10 and then made their way round the exhibitors in a circuit for 25-minute sessions. “As well as having a captive audience for each session, what came out of the first event was the social side of this project,” stated Shaxson, who commented on the importance of face-to-face interaction with the community, especially after two years of not getting to meet potential customers. 

This event was hosted at the opportune time as the events industry looks set to shift into high gear with touring in full swing and, of course, the summer festival season just around the corner. “I think this year is going to set a benchmark in terms of how people prepare for the busy season,” stated Jackson, commenting on the level of pre-planning that must be put in place due to global shortage of kit.

He also commented that Core Pro Audio’s second-hand offering has recently become more prominent. “Part exchanging of equipment is something we are really promoting to customers at the moment as a way in which customers can reinvigorate their stock.”

This article originally appeared in issue #269 of TPi, which you can read here.