Clear-Com: Working through an economic crisis

Clear-Com President, Bob Boster shares the value of the company’s adoption of Lean manufacturing tools and techniques in the face of economic uncertainty.

Following its acquisition by HME, Clear-Com implemented Lean, a continuous improvement approach where all members of the organisation can bring their informed opinions on how to improve things into a structured process to be incorporated into the whole. Lean tools were initially developed within the manufacturing disciplines but have gradually expanded to impact Product Development, Support, and various other back-office activities. Our parent company HME stays current on Lean through membership in the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and coordinates various activities through both dedicated team members as well as ‘Lean practitioners’ across a variety of departments within the business.

Since early 2020, we have turned to our Lean principles to address COVID-related challenges, first in keeping our Manufacturing and Product Development activities safely operational during the peak of active COVID-19 spread, and subsequently in addressing challenges to our ability to produce products due to extended lead times and staffing disruptions from mid-2021 until now. 

Words: Bob Boster

Photos: Clear-Com