Claypaky’s Axcor Profile 600 debuts in Italy to support West Side Story 

Claypaky's Axcor Profile 600 at the reproduced Italian performance of West Side Story

The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino hosted the return of Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story one hundred years after his birth with the help of the Claypaky’s Axcor Profile 600.

The Florentine edition was Directed by Federico Bellone, Produced by WEC, the book was adapted by Franco Travaglio, the choreography was reproduced by Fabrizio Angelini, and the music was provided by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra and choir conducted by Maestro Francesco Lanzillotta.

Lighting Designer Valerio Tiberi drew inspiration for his work from the ‘atmosphere of the Upper West Side of New York in the mid-1950s’ and requested the new Claypacky Axcor Profile 600 from the Claypaky Axcor series for the first time in Italy. Two versions are available on the market: one with an extremely bright 500W 6500K white LED source and the other with a colour temperature of 5600K and CRI of 90.

The Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 lights meant a top-ranking performance, with excellent light quality and high luminous efficiency, which were increased by up to 25% using a boost function. The enormous stage and scenery recalled the urban jungle of New York, where the Jets and Sharks try to get the upper hand in an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance until this was broken by the star-crossed romantic love story between Tony and Maria and its tragic epilogue. The performance of the six Claypaky Profile 900s the theatre was equipped with was integrated with 24 new Claypaky Axcor Profile 600s arranged both on the ground in the wings, and above the stage on the battens.

“I am definitely happy with the overall set-up I was able to give this lighting design, and with the entertaining, romantic choral scenes. However, I particularly remember the endings of the First and Second Acts with great satisfaction, since I was able to illuminate them with precisely the light I was looking for,” said Tiberi. “The contrast between light and dark prevailed at the tragic end of the First Act thanks to the position of the units, and the angles, but above all thanks to the power of the white light from the Axcor Profile 600s, which proved to be a successful fundamental feature.”

The lights were Programmed by Emanuele Agliati, who used a MA Grand Ma 2 console and the Claypaky profiles were provided by Audiolux Milan.