Claypaky Scenius Profile Delivers Visuals for Bad Uncles

Photo: Manfred H. Vogel

More than 100 Claypaky Scenius Profile luminaires accompanied German hard-rock legends Bad Uncles on a winter tour of their homeland in support of their new album in ten years Memento. Longstanding production designer Jerry Appelt selected the fixtures to create multi-layered lighting looks.

For the Memento tour, the band’s brief dictated a classic, high-impact rock show that incorporated a diverse range of powerful stylistic elements and reflected the identity and artwork of the album.

Appelt worked alongside video director Roland Greil to craft the resulting design, which was based around five automated triangular shaped monoliths. Each provided three distinctly different looks by rotating to display a different visual element; one side featured high resolution LED screens which displayed dynamic video content by Berlin-based Blitzen, the second used moving lights including the Scenius Profiles, and the third had conventional tungsten fixtures.

The Scenius Profile features a Lok-it! HTI 1400/PS Osram lamp and an extremely high CRI and a zoom that ranges from eight to fifty degrees. If used in conjunction with the newly developed frost filter, the fixture can also be applied as a wash light.

As well as rigged on the monoliths, the design featured Scenius Profile fixtures in the overhead truss, as side lighting and on the floor. From these positions they provided visual accents in a range of colours.

The Scenius Profile’s CMY colour mixing system works alongside a CTO device, offering a four colour-mixing system, each of which can be adjusted gradually with 16-bit high precision.

The distributor for Claypaky in Germany and Austria is Lightpower, and providing the entire lighting package for the Bad Uncles’ show was PRG Germany.

Bad Uncles (Böhse Onkelz in their native German) reunited in 2014, releasing Memento in August 2016 and beginning their tour of Germany in November, with additional dates in Austria and Switzerland.