Claypaky rig helps light Bagossy Brothers Company 10th anniversary show

Claypaky lighting fixtures help deliver an 'unforgettable experience' to a crowd of 20,000 Bagossy Brothers Company fans in Budapest. Photo: Lily Julia Hegyi

Hungarian pop-rock band, Bagossy Brothers Company, marked their tenth anniversary with a concert at Budapest’s MVM Dome where Lighting Designer, Ádám Pintér selected Claypaky Sharpy Plus, Sharpy Plus Aqua, Sharpy, A.leda B-EYE K20 and HY B-EYE K25 fixtures for the rig.

According to Pintér, the basis of his lighting plot was 40 Sharpy Plus and Sharpy Plus Aquas selected for the versatility of their spot functionality and light beams. “The light and speed of the 24 fixtures placed on the catwalk in front of the stage is still a classic,” he said. “They served as a particularly good effect for the faster, more electronic parts of the show.”

However, the real key elements of the show were the 16 HY B-EYE K25s placed on the floor behind the band. Known in the industry for their outstanding brightness and effects, the K25s are often chosen by the lighting designer for his work. “The fixtures were placed in shape and pixel mode, not least because of simple effects programming,” Pintér explained. “The easily variable built-in effects proved to be helpful when programming the show, but in order to enhance the visuals, the programs written for pixel mapping were often even more effective. Fortunately, the light effects of the K25 could be enhanced even further, in the most spectacular parts of the show, with the innovative lens rotation of the lamps, which created a special, unique effect from the wash lamps.”

In addition, six A.leda B-EYE K20s were installed for street lighting on both sides of the stage where their lower brightness was sufficient for the tasks at hand. “The K20s not only supplemented the front lighting of the musicians but also served as an extra effect for the audience and also for the cameras,” Pintér pointed out.

SL Event Kft. provided the Claypaky products, their installation and the planning and operation of the complete control network with technical design by Lux Domonkos. Light Pozitív Kft. and Visual Europe Group jointly provided other elements of the lighting system.