Claypaky launches Sharpy X Frame

Claypaky has introduced Sharpy X Frame – a multifunction luminaire.

Adding to its family of award-winning Sharpy fixtures, the unit takes the best features of the Sharpy line and integrates a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact fixture. Sharpy X Frame’s source is a 550W arc lamp that makes this fixture bright and reportedly produces deep and vivid uniform colours.

As a completely hybrid, multifunction fixture, the Sharpy X Frame not limited as to beam effects, it can also be a spot, profile, or wash unit. In addition to the four-focal plane shutter system, the unit offers a rotating gobo wheel with eight rotating gobos, a static gobo wheel, four and eight-facet rotating prisms, linear frost, a colour system featuring CMY, CTO and a separated colour wheel, and six beam reducers starting at 0.5°.

With a zoom range from 2° to 52°, the Sharpy X Frame is fitted with a 160mm front lens and proven Claypaky optics for producing sharp images and collimated beams.

According to its developers, Sharpy X Frame is the most versatile, compact hybrid fixture on the market that addresses the needs for a bright spot, aerial effects unit, framing fixture and everything in between in an affordable, compact package.