Clair Brothers 10Spot Hybrid Lands Awards Nomination

Clair Brothers 10SPOT hybrid loudspeaker is nominated for a NAMM Award

Already the winner of the InfoComm 2018 Best of Show Award, Clair Brothers have again been recognised for their innovative work after their 10SPOT hybrid loudspeaker was nominated for an award at the 34th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards at NAMM in 2019.

The 10Spot is completing for the title of Outstanding Technical Achievement in the “Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker” category.

The 10SPOT will face heavy weight competition, but it is be quite difficult to ignore the utter brilliance of the problem-solving technology and design of this powerful sounding cabinet. Its hybrid nature is what defined the 10SPOT design as a loudspeaker that combines Clair Brothers Curved Array Technology with its One Series coaxial horn technology.

The idea behind this combination was to create a unique form factor loudspeaker that required minimal space yet covered a room’s listening area much more effectively than conventional point source speakers. The 10SPOT’s innovative horn technology is a feature that deserved special attention – a coaxial horn arrangement that provided constant curvature in the vertical plane with progressively increasing divergence in the horizontal plane. What you end up with is a unique directivity pattern of 90° at the top and 135° at the bottom, across a 45° vertical coverage angle. The 10-inch woofer and the compression driver each load into the masterful combination of two overlaid horns. The highlight of this superior technology was its unique ability to eradicate the irritation of horn shadowing.

Based on the 10SPOT’s form factor and dispersion characteristics, it was well suited for installation near ceiling to wall intersections in applications, including; hotel or club bar areas, performing arts centres, houses of worship, arenas and auditoriums, nightclubs, and cruise ship venues. The 10SPOT has proved to be the perfect solution when under balcony and delay fill contribute to a loss of sound clarity and coverage. And when it comes to A/V systems support, it doesn’t get any better than the 10SPOT. Ultimately, this live performance cabinet shines like a new star.

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