Rock The Country Festival boasts Backstage Productions-supplied CHAUVET rig

Rock The Country featured an impressive collection of contemporary and classic country stars like Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, Koe Wetzel, Hank Williams Jr., Uncle Kracker, and Travis Tritt.

Supporting their music were bold, fast-moving light and video shows, by visiting LDs and Nicholas Valdez, who lit the opening acts. Production Manager and Designer, Mason Felps and his team of Crew Chief, Matt Stigile, Claude Thomas, and Miles Shelton, ensured that every LD would be able to create a show that immersed the crowd. The rig offered a range of powerful and flexible tools including 52 Color STRIKE M motorised strobe-washes and 14 STRIKE Array 4 blinders from CHAUVET Professional, which like all the other fixtures on stage, were supplied by Backstage Productions of Cullman, Alabama.

“We had most of the Color STRIKE M fixtures lined at the top of each truss on stage,” said Felps. “The others we either flew on over wing lighting trusses or attached them to four delay towers to add additional lighting across the main field. As for the Strike 4s, we had them on the downstage trusses and wing trusses.”

Drawing on these fixtures, the LDs were able to create looks on the big main stage, which was almost 60-feet tall and measured 65ft wide with 24ft by 32ft wings on each side. In addition to being bright and bold, the pixel mappable Color STRIKE M opened the door for designers to create dazzling special effects.

Adding an extra level of intensity to the festival were the rig’s STRIKE Array 4 fixtures. The high output blinders also played a key role in connecting artists and fans with audience lighting. At a festival that was all about people helping people, this connection was at the heart and soul of Felps’ vision for his production design.