Christian Daniel Concert Gets Celestial Look with CHAUVET

Describing his captivating blend of music as ‘tropical pop’, the Christian Daniel has attracted a passionate fan base throughout the Americas as evidenced by his string of hits, including the chart topping single Me Vuelvo Un Cobarde.
At a recent sold-out concert at San Juan’s Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce, lighting designer Lara Alsina of Entertainment in Motion captured the uplifting mood of the artist’s genre transcending music with a celestial-like light show that featured a collection of floating overhead cubes glowing with the warm white light of Nexus Aw 7 x 7 LED panels from Chauvet Professional.
Alsina flew eight of the large cubes 20ft – 25ft over the stage, suspending them on motorised cables mounted on trussing. Inside each cube were three Nexus Aw 7 x 7 panels, each of which measured 19.7 x 19.7 x 3.5-inches (500 x 500 x 90mm).
Arranged in pairs that were oriented diagonally, the cubes spanned the width of the stage, creating a warm glow over the performance. Aiming one of the Nexus panels inside each cube downward, Alsina created eight points of warm white light on the wooden deck, lending an added sense of depth to the stage.
The cubes were raised and lowered during the performance, as well as being pixel mapped, to produce shifting patterns of light. Working together, the movement of the overhead cubes together with the pixel mapped Nexus panel, created a hanging lantern effect that evoked feelings of being outdoors on a beautiful summer evening with a gentle breeze. This effect added to the sense of intimacy between Daniel and the audience, particularly on the artist’s romantic songs.
“We were very pleased with the looks we were able to create by placing the Nexus Aw 7 x 7 panels inside the cubes,” said Alsina. “The warm white light from these fixtures is very inviting and evocative, so they worked very well with our idea for the cubes. Our lighting director David Ayala and master electrician Julio Fuentes were very impressed with the look we created, and they deserve a lot of credit for making that look come to life.”