Chris Young’s ‘Raised on Country’ Tour Shines with Bandit Lites

Photo credit: Jeff Johnson

Bandit Lites will be providing the lighting for RCA Records Nashville recording artist Chris Young’s “Raised On Country World Tour 2019.” Named for the fastest-rising single of his career, the tour recently kicked off its North American leg in May.

Young’s long-time lighting designer Chris Lisle crafted a show comprised of Young’s preferences for lighting and video that would be both visually impactful at the tour’s venues and evolve over the course of the performance. “This Chris Lisle lighting design with Michael Stanley at the console is one the most visually stunning designs I have ever had the opportunity with which to be involved,” said Bandit Lites Business Development Officer Brent Barrett.

The design plays off a ‘W’ shaped video wall with four individually moving panels. Four lighting trusses overhead in chevron shapes increase in size from the upstage to the downstage, while six lighting pods are placed between the downstage and first mid-stage truss.

Bandit Lites supplied nearly 300 fixtures including Ayrton CosmoPix, Ayrton Ghibli, Elation SixBar 1000, Elation Paladins, Elation CuePix WW4, GLP X4, GLP JDC1 Strobes, Chauvet EPix Drive 900, Chauvet E-Pix Bars, Chauvet Maverick Pyxis and Robe Mega Pointes.

Lisle utilized Bandit’s newly purchased Ghibli and Pyxis, with the Ghibli as the main spot and workhorse of the rig and the Pyxis in the pods for eye candy and beam effects. “We have been very happy with both the Ghibli and the Pyxis,” said Lisle. “The Ghibli is one of the brightest and most functional LED spot fixtures that I have seen, and the Pyxis have so many great feature sets and macros that they were also a great addition to the rig.”

Lisle also applied Robe MegaPointes for big punchy beam looks and lined the trusses with Epix Bars. These are then fed content from a media server to give the show an enormous dimensional look. Bandit Lites crew consists of Mike Stanley, Jimmy Murray, Ivy Reid and Dave Langford, with additional support coming from Project Manager Matt King.

“This year’s production is a testament to the passion and excitement that the Chris Young organization, particularly the touring management team of Tour Manager Bill Cracknell and Production Manager Michael Stanley, instil in every aspect of the tour,” Barrett said.